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For Individuals

The Book of Acts can be a great source of inspiration and challenge to any Christian. Many of the life situations correspond to those we face today. It was sometimes difficult for the disciples to face the persecution and opposition to the Gospel. It was even more difficult to deal with internal problems within the church. Individually, it was often a challenge to come to terms with the demands of the Gospel within their lives. Many attitudes toward themselves and others changed as the love and power of the Gospel was demonstrated among them.

For the Church

There are many lessons in Acts that have application to our churches today. The tremendous impact of the personal witness of believers is evident throughout this book. We also see the strength of united prayer and the true unity of all who have put their trust in the Savior. We find that there are answers to the problems of a church if they arc dealt with in love, understanding, and forgiveness. We also find valuable approaches to the problems of poverty, race relations, and other sociological difficulties. We see what a church can do through the power of the Holy Spirit filling and overflowing from the lives of the believers.

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