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As is true of all fields of knowledge, the world of the occult has a jargon all its own. Most Christians do not understand these terms and, therefore, ill-prepared to deal with them when used in other's conversations or when found in reading materials. Familiarize yourself with these words, for they comprise the language commonly employed by those involved in the occult.


Select the first letter of the word from the list above to jump to appropriate section of the glossary.

- A -

Aeromancy - Divination by concentrating on cloud shapes and other natural phenomena.

Alchemy - The science of changing the base elements into gold or silver with the aid of a mysterious psychic substance.

All Hallows Eve - October 31 witch festival.

Alomancy - The divination by salt.

Amulet - An ornament inscribed with a magic spell or sign, usually worn around the neck or wrist.

Animism - Belief that inanimate objects are alive and have souls.

Apantomancy - A method which makes forecasts from chance meetings with animals, birds, and other creatures. Practiced in various types of Mexican voodoo.

Astral Projection - The soul leaves the body and travels on a different plane of consciousness.

Astrology - Fortune telling by stars or the Zodiac.

Augury - Divination from omens and signs.

Automatic Writing - Writing under a trance induced by spirit or demon powers in which the demonic spirit writes.

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- B -

Bewitch - To influence by witchcraft.

Black Magic - A form of witchcraft often called the black arts which uses demon power for occult force.

Botonomancy - Divination by burning tree branches and leaves.

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- C -

Cartomancy - Fortune telling with cards.

Causimonancy - Divination from objects burning in a fire.

Cephalomancy - Divination using the skull or head of a donkey or goat.

Ceraunoscopyl - Divination from the study of thunder and lightening.

Ceroscopy - Divination in which melted wax is poured into cold water.

Charm - An ornament believed to contain magical powers.

Chiromancy - Divination by lines of a person=s hand.

Clairvoyance - A medium who forecasts distant happenings through visions.

Cleromancy - Akin to divination with dice, but using pebbles or other odd objects.

Clidomancy - Divination using a dangling key which answers questions.

Coven - An assembly of 13 witches.

Conjure - To summon a departed demon spirit often by incantation.

Cosmic Consciousness - To be in tune with the Universe. An expression used by people spaced out by drugs or meditation.

Crystal Gazer - Person who uses a crystal ball for divination.

Cult - Religious group with beliefs or practices considered to be false based on Biblical principles according to Scripture.

Curse - Incantation made to bring harm to some one.

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- D -

Demon - An evil power or spirit subservient to Satan (see Fallen Angel).

Demonomancy - Divination using demons.

Divination - The ability to foretell future events or to discover hidden information.

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- E -

Esbat - Witchcraft meeting held for transacting business or to accomplish an act of Satanic mischief.

ESP - Abbreviation for extra-sensory perception.

Exorcism - Ritual used to drive away a spirit contrary to exorcists will.

Extra-Sensory Perception - Ability to gain insights without the use of ordinary senses.

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- F -

Familiar Spirit - Spirit embodied in an animal which attends, serves, and guards a person. The spirit can also be in form of person.

Fetish - An object regarded as magical or sacred.

Fortune-Teller - One who tells future events for individuals.

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- G -

Gastromancy - Divination with the voice lowered as though issuing from the ground.

Genethlialogy - Divination by use of stars at birth.

Graphology - Analysis of character through one's handwriting.

Grey Magic - Use of spirit or demon power for occult force.

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- H -

Halomancy - Divination by salt. Otherwise known as Alomancy.

Hex - To effect by an evil spell.

Horoschopy - Pertains to the casting of an astrological horoscope.

Horoscope - Diagram showing position of planets and stars with their signs or the zodiac. Used by astrologers for divination.

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- I -

Incense - Perfumes, herbs, and charcoals burned in rituals.
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- J -

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- K -

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- L -

Libranomancy - Requires incense as a means of interpreting omens.
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- M -

Magic - Supernatural power over natural forces.

Meditation - Fixing your mind on one object for enlightenment by spirits.

Medium - Person acting as the communications between this world and the spirit world with the ability to talk to demons or evil spirits representing the voices of the dead.

Metaphysics - Pertaining to the cosmos, cosmic energy, and the metaphysical world.

Mystic - One who is into mysticism or the occult.

Mystic Christianity - Mixing God and Satan.

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- N -

Necromancy - Conjuring spirits of the dead to reveal future events, or to influence them.

Numerology - Divination using vital numbers.

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- O -

Occult - Secret, mysterious, relating to supernatural forces.

Omen - An occurrence or phenomenon believed to portend the future.

Oneiromancy - The interpretation of dreams.

Ooscopy - Divination by eggs used frequently in the Mexican type of voodoo.

Ouija Board - Game board used to obtain spiritualistic or telepathic messages about the future or other hidden knowledge.

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- P -

Palmistry - Divination by lines and formation of the hands.

Phrenology - Divination by head formations.

Physiognomy - Character analysis through physical appearance of the features.

Poltergeist - Mischievous ghost said to be responsible for strange noises or movement of inanimate objects.

Potions - Herb mixes or drugs with magical or hallucinogenic powers.

Precognition - Discernment about an event not yet experienced.

Premonition - Uneasy anticipation of an event.

Prognostication - Foretelling the future.

Psychic - Person sensitive to non-physical forces and their possible significance.

Psychic Phenomena - Events that cannot be explained by physical reference and are attributed to spiritual forces.

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- Q -

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- R -

Recognition - An inner knowledge of things to come.

Reincarnation - Rebirth of a soul into a new human body or other form of life.

Rhabdomancy - Divination by means of a wand or stick.

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- S -

Sabbat - Main meeting of witches to bring in new members.

Satan - Fallen archangel of God set upon various types of destruction on earth.

Satanic Bible - The official Bible of the Church of Satan

Satanic Church - Refers to any group practicing Satanism.

Satanism - Satan worship or idol worship usually involving travesty of Christian rites.

Seance - Group meeting to receive communication from spirits through a medium.

Seer - One who predicts future events or developments.

Soothsaying - Act of foretelling future events.

Sorcerer - Wizard or witch.

Sorcery - Use of power obtained from control of evil spirits.

Soul Transmigration - Astral projection or transferring of souls.

Spell - Spoken word or pattern of words with magical power using evil spirits.

Spiritism - Belief that departed spirits commune with living people usually through a medium.

Spiritualism - Type of church organization noted for communicating with the dead.

Spiritualist - One who believes in Spiritism.

Spook - A spirit, demon, or fallen angel.

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- T -

Tarot Cards - Fortune telling cards.

Tea Leaf Reader - Fortune telling by reading omens in tea leaves.

Telepathy - Communication from one mind to another without using physical channels.

Trance - State of partially suspended animation.

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- U -

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- V -

Vibes - Vibrations believed to be set off by body energy.

Voodoo - Old form of ritual witchcraft usually similar to black magic rituals.

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- W -

Warlock - A male witch.

White Magic - Use of spirit or demon power for occult force.

Witch - Woman or man who practices black arts and other type of occult.

Witchcraft - A type of occult practice. A word is often used to denote all of the occult collectively.

Witch Doctor - One who uses herbs or machines to cure in non-medical ways.

Wizard - One who uses spirit power to bring about certain reactions. A Sorcerer.

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- X -

Xylomancy - Divination from pieces of wood.
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- Y -

Yoga - Exercise and meditation opening mind to dark powers.
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- Z -

Zodiac - Imaginary belt of planets and constellations forming the astrological signs.
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