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The believer's basic beliefs deal with doctrine and concepts related to living the Christian way of life. At the moment of salvation, we are entered into union with the Lord Jesus Christ. This actually constitutes an eternal relationship sphere. This is also known as the doctrine of Positional Truth. The way that we make our position relative to our experience is by living within the temporal fellowship sphere, which we enter at the moment of salvation through the filling of the Holy Spirit. In order to live within this power sphere for the Christian life, we must understand all the components involved for executing the Plan of God for the Christian life, and growing up spiritually to become a mature believer. God the Father has actually provided for every Christian assets which are absolutely phenomenal and unique to the Church Age.

All of these wonderful assets, mechanics, and components of experiential Christianity tell us that as Christians we have more spiritual provisions in the Church Age than any believer of the past or future has experienced or ever will experience. These components of experiential Christianity are the mechanics whereby Bible truth is translated to our experience. The use of all of these components of the temporal fellowship sphere enable us to glorify God and to be productive for Him. Actually, these components are the basis of all divine good production in the Christian life.

Confession of Sin

The first component is confession of sin whenever necessary, which is the consistent use of 1 John 1:9. Confession of sin repairs the damage of carnality and neutralizes the effects of human good and evil.

The Filling of the Holy Spirit

Upon confession of sin, which includes repentance or a change of mental attitude toward sin, we receive the second component of experiential Christianity which is the filling of the Holy Spirit. We again become filled with the Holy Spirit when we confess our sins to God the Father. This consistent confession of sin and resultant control of your soul by the Holy Spirit leads to learning Bible truth through the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit. Consistent intake and application of Bible truth results in the development of a fantastic confidence in life.


The third component of the Christian life is the principle of faith-rest. This is defined as knowing, believing and applying the promises and doctrines related to the Christian life. This confidence is developed by the perpetuation of the faith-rest life under all sorts of circumstances.

Enforced and Genuine Humility

The forth component of the fellowship sphere for time is that of enforced and genuine humility. This "meekness" which is not weakness is actually the fruit or the production of the filling of the Holy Spirit.

The Intake and Metabolization of Bible Doctrine

The fifth component is actually the basis for possessing and exploiting all of the other components of the temporal fellowship sphere. This component is the intake and metabolization of Bible truth. This intake and residency of Bible teaching actually enables us to live our lives in the Word of God. This is our daily study, knowing and applying the Word of God. This is the important springboard of momentum in the Christian life to eventually move us into spiritual maturity.

Personal Love for God

The sixth component is the result of the consistent intake and metabolization of Bible truth and is our personal love relationship with God. This personal love for God actually enables us to develop a healthy self-esteem which is a Biblical self-respect. This personal love relationship with Jesus Christ also enables us to worship Him, be occupied with Him, and have absolute confidence in who and what He is. Our perpetuation of the faith-rest life also enables us to arrive at the point of personal love towards God and Biblical self-respect.

Unconditional Love Toward Others

The seventh asset and mechanic of the Christian way of life is the component of unconditional love towards others, which in turn enables us to become spiritually self-sustaining. This spiritual autonomy enables us to enter into the different areas of momentum testing and to also possess the solution to any suffering, adversity, and testing in life. This meeting and passing of momentum testing with God's problem-solving devices, causes us to develop a fantastic capacity for life.

Possessing the Inner Happiness of God

The eighth and final component of the fellowship sphere for time and the apex of spiritual maturity, is the possession of inner happiness, or actually possessing the happiness of God within our souls.

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